RP International 2020 Online Registration

Welcome to the online registration form. This form provides an efficient and secure - and we hope easy - way for you to submit your registration information. If you wish, you can use this page to estimate your fees before starting the registration process.

Please follow carefully through the form, responding to all questions relevant to you.


  • A discussion of housing options is available at this link.
  • If you are requesting a suite, only request it for one person (under Type of room requested). For the other people in the suite select "In a suite requested for someone else on this form."
  • High school students should select "Dorm Room Shared Occupancy".
  • Enter information for each person you're registering. The form initially has room for one individual, but near the bottom you can click Add another attendee to add another. Repeat this until you've added everyone.
  • Only include people with the same legal mailing address on each form. This is important to allow us to provide honest information for billing. Use as many registration forms as you need, one per mailing address.
    You may still group people from different mailing addresses together in rooms, for example, if grandparents want to have grandchildren in their suite; just make comments to that effect in the rooming requests.
  • Provide an accurate birth date for everyone you're registering. We'll keep adult ages private, but this information is valuable to the registrars for rooming and a variety of other reasons that ultimately are beneficial to everyone.
  • Staying off-site? That choice is under Type of room requested.
  • Use Requests - roommate(s), etc. to explain what you want. The registrars will read your comments and do their best to help.
  • Ready? Go to the registration form